Buddha Land Centre runs a variety of meditation courses and events in Keighley throughout the year, and are listed below.

Please note these are not held in Bradford but in Keighley.

Online Booking

Click here to go to our bookings page.

 Meditation Workshops

These provide quality meditation with clear explanations of the techniques required to create stillness within. They consist of 2 sessions, and cost £12 each. Refreshments are available in the World Peace Cafe during and after each workshop.

Learn to Meditate in Half a Day

Saturday 24 Jan 10am – 1pm

Discover the power of meditation in this half day workshop that will give you the skills to create inner peace or refresh techniques you have already learnt

Clear Mind @ Work

Saturday 7 Feb 10am – 1pm

Break mental habits that create disturbance and agitation using simple and direct meditations for a peaceful and clear mind at work and at home.


Developing Self Confidence

Saturday 14 March 10am – 1pm

Take control of your life with powerful and effective meditations that will leave you feeling confident and happy.

Day courses

The cost is £20 Day Course £12 Half Day Course

The Happiness Toolkit

Saturday 14 Feb 10am – 4pm

Create an internal toolkit that will give the wisdom and confidence to cope with life’s ups and downs.

Confidence to Change

Saturday 28 March 10am -4pm

Although we wish to make improvements in life we are often held back by fear or complacency.  Meditations on impermanence give us the confidence and motivation to make lasting changes.


Guided Day Retreat

Meditate in 4 sessions to gain a special understanding and deep experience of inner peace.

£16 per day [lunch can be purchased in our World Peace Cafe]

Tranquility, Meditation, Mindfulness and Modern Buddhism

Sat 10 & Sun 11 Jan 10am – 5pm

Two days of retreat that can be attended together or individually.  Each day includes 4 guided sessions to improve our experience and mindfulness of Modern Buddhist practices that lead to permanent peace of mind.

£16 per day or £25 for both. Overnight accommodation is available.

Clear Mind Meditations for Inner Peace and Contentment.

Sat 17 & Sun 18 Jan 10am – 5pm

Meditation on the nature of the mind is a powerful method for gaining realizations and insights.  Undertake 2 days of retreat to experience a clear mind and inner peace.

£16 per day or £25 for both. Overnight accommodation is available.

How to Solve Our Human Problems

Sun 1 Mar 10am – 5pm

Solve your daily problems by gaining a correct understanding of their causes and discover innovative solutions from within.

Inner Strength – Overcoming Anger

Sun 12 Apr 10am – 5pm

Create a reservoir of patience that will enable you to master life’s challenges, making effective decisions while maintaining a peaceful mind.



Weekend Meditation Retreat Away

Fri 20 Feb – Sun 22 Nov Feb   @ Madhyamaka KMC Pocklington

An unequalled opportunity to get away from life’s busyness and deepen our experience of meditation.  This retreat will be guided and there will be pleanty of time in between sessions to enjoy the beautiful and peaceful surroundings.  Comfortable accommodation is provided in single, twin or shared rooms.  Please book by contacting Buddha Land Centre.


 Stop the Week in Style

Let go of the week’s strains an stresses with a guided meditation and enjoy a delicious 3 course vegetarian meal with great company.  Cost £13.50

Friday 7.30pm – 9.30pm    30 Jan, 27 Feb, 27 Mar, 24 Apr, 29 May, 26 Jun, 17 Jul, 28 Aug